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Residential & Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors in Tyler & East Texas

No matter where you live, you need a good roof. This is true for homes and businesses, and in East Texas, Redline Roofing provides all the services your roof needs. We do installations on new and existing buildings. We also do roof replacements when damage accrues and you need an overhaul. Additionally, our maintenance and roof repair services will keep your roof at its best for as long as possible. We are the top-rated Tyler roofing company.

We do residential metal roofing and commercial metal roofing in Tyler and throughout East Texas:

  • ✓ Metal roof repair
  • ✓ Metal roof replacement
  • ✓ Metal roof installation

We specialize in many roofing materials, and one of our favorites is metal roofs. Metal roofing offers a ton of advantages, and we want to help you enjoy all of them. That is why we have all of our services available for metal roofs, for both commercial and residential buildings.

Unlike many other Tyler metal roofing contractors near you, we are:

  • ✓ Locally-owned & operated
  • ✓ A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • ✓ 235+ combined reviews on Google Maps

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Metal Roofing Installation Tyler, TX

Metal roofing is incredibly common among commercial buildings, and there are several reasons for that. Metal roofs are strong and durable. You can expect them to last for decades, and they can hold up to some of the worst weather East Texas is capable of producing. This toughness does great for protecting your commercial building and the contents within. All of these reasons have made metal roofing an increasingly attractive choice for residential buildings as well.

Metal roofs are also amazing for their low maintenance. You may want a thermal coating to lower cooling costs, but the metal itself rarely needs intervention. The general ruggedness takes care of itself.

If these benefits sound enticing, then you can get a metal roof on your commercial or residential building (home, apartment complex, retirement home, etc). Whether you are constructing something new or you want a better roof on an existing structure, metal roof installations are viable. As Tyler commercial roofers near you, we have experience installing metal roofs for businesses and property managers. But, we’re also residential roofers in Tyler, TX. So whether you’re looking for a metal roof installation on your house, garage, shed, pool house, or other building, we can help.

Redline Roofing has been doing metal roof installations for years. We can work with you to plan a roof that is ideal for your building. Then, we’ll waste no time with a professional installation. You’ll have a strong, reliable roof that is installed pristinely from the start. It’s a smart investment to have a great roof over your head and on your commercial or residential building.

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Metal Roofing Replacement Tyler, Texas

Metal roofs are frequently chosen for their strength and durability, but nothing in this world lasts forever. A number of issues can degrade a metal roof, and if they have plagued your building, it may be time to look into a roof replacement.

Redline Roofing offers full metal roofing replacements. We can get rid of the old and replace it with new roofing. You can upgrade your material to have a reliable metal that will hold up better to weather and age. You can also trust that our professional installation will aid the roof in its lifespan by ensuring the installation is done right from the start.

No matter the reason, when your roof is due for replacement, you want reliable experts who can help you every step of the way. Those experts can be found at Redline Roofing. We’ll always be happy to help you.

Contact us today for a free quote on our metal roofing replacement services in Tyler and the surrounding area.

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Whatever your metal roof needs, Redline Roofing & Construction can provide it. Contact us today. We’ll set up an appointment to conduct a roof inspection and make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

From Gallatin to Athens, and everywhere in between, we serve customers throughout East Texas from our Lindale, Tyler, and Longview locations.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing in Tyler, TX

Time for a new roof? Whether you’re replacing your existing roof or installing a roof on a brand-new building, it’s important to understand the features of your various roofing options. That way, when it’s time to select your roofing material, you can make an informed decision about the type of roof you want based on your needs and budget.

At Redline Roofing, we’re here to help. For more than 16 years, we’ve been installing, replacing, and repairing metal roofs throughout East Texas, and we’d like to fill you in on metal roofing’s many advantages. If you’re planning a roof installation for your home or business, read on to learn all about the benefits you’ll enjoy when you opt for metal roofing.

1. Metal Roofing Is Remarkably Long Lasting

When properly installed and maintained, the average metal roof typically lasts anywhere from 40–70 years, which is far longer than most other roofing materials. For comparison, let’s take a look at the average lifespans of other popular roofing materials on the market:

  • Asphalt shingles. When they’re correctly installed and maintained, asphalt shingle roofs tend to last about 15–20 years.
  • Wood shake and shingles. Shingles fashioned from cedar, southern pine, and redwood typically last about 25–30 years when they’re properly installed and maintained.
  • Clay tile roofing. Properly maintained clay and tile roofing typically lasts anywhere from 40–50 years.
  • Slate tile roofing. Generally, slate roofing lasts between 50 and 100 years. When it’s properly maintained and environmental conditions are right, it can last longer than a century.

When you install a metal roof, it will outlast nearly every other type of roofing you could select. Only slate roofing stands a chance of outlasting metal, and generally, slate is considerably more expensive — up to $300 or more per square.

2. Metal Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly

If you’re concerned about your impact on the environment, metal is one of a handful of roofing materials that are kind to the earth. Metal roofing is largely recyclable, so it can be melted down and repurposed when it reaches the end of its functional life and must be replaced. Even more impressive is the fact that many types of metal roofing contain 25%–95% recycled content.

While clay, slate, and wood roofing are also environmentally friendly, neither a wood nor a clay roof will last as long as metal. And again, slate roofing is considerably more expensive.

3. Metal Roofing Is Incredibly Easy to Maintain

If there’s one roofing material that comes close to “set it and forget it” in terms of maintenance, it’s metal. That’s why it lasts so much longer than just about every other type of roofing you can get. 

To properly maintain a metal roof, you’ll need to invest a small amount of time each year giving your roof a quick inspection and removing any accumulated debris. You’ll need to clean out your gutters annually, as well, but that’s true no matter what type of roof you have. Even though metal panels last many years, metal roofs do not completely come without maintenance. In the hot East Texas temperatures, the rubber washers under the screws can deteriorate which will result in the need for periodic screw replacement. We usually see a need for screw replacement every 8-12 years depending on sun exposure and the elements.

Metal roofing is also impervious to organic growths like moss and lichen, so you won’t need to worry about washing or treating your roof as you might with asphalt shingles or wood shake. And because metal is incredibly durable, the probability of it developing cracks and other forms of damage that may allow water intrusion is low. Ultimately, the need for periodic roof repairs on a metal roof will likely be far lower than with other types of roofing.

4. Metal Is a Highly Durable Roofing Material

Metal roofing is manufactured to withstand just about anything Mother Nature and humans can throw at it. Unlike clay or slate tiles, metal’s risk of cracking and breakage is low. And unlike asphalt and wood roofing, metal isn’t prone to warping, curling, and other types of deformation.

Of course, a metal roof can develop dents during inclement weather events like heavy hail storms, but even those dents won’t allow water to penetrate its surface. With metal, you’ll get:

  • Class A fire-resistance rating
  • 140 mph wind resistance rating (some types can withstand gusts of up to 180 mph)
  • Corrosion resistance provided by specialty coatings (though some types of metal roofing are naturally resistant to corrosion)
  • Rot resistance
  • Pest resistance

If you want your Texas roof to have the best chance of withstanding whatever our unpredictable weather can dish out, metal is the roofing material you need.

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Ready to plan roofing installation for your eastern Texas home or building? Are you considering metal roofing? Then get in touch with our team at Redline Roofing to get a free service quote! Our experts can help you determine the best type of roofing for your needs and budget, and when you work with our team, your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

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How to Maintain a Metal Roof in Tyler, TX

Metal roofing is a very durable, long-term material for roofing. That’s why, in some cases, a metal roof can outlast the house it is built on. In order to make sure that you get the most out of your investment, here are some tips to keep your metal roofing in pristine condition. If you need metal roof maintenance, repair, or installation services in Tyler, TX, contact Redline Roofing. Remember, standing or working on a roof is dangerous, and it is usually best left to the professionals.

1. Adjust Loose Panel Seams

The structure and alignment of panel seams are what prevent moisture from leaking into your house. Making sure none of the panels are dislodged or out of place will prevent any long-term damage to your home. A professional who checks your roofing will also make sure there is enough space for thermal expansion and contraction.

2. Keep Snow and Ice Off of the Metal Roof

After a winter storm, it is best to sweep off any snow and ice on your metal roof. Make sure to not use any tools that could scratch and compromise the protective layers of the roofing.

3. Clean the Valleys in the Metal Roof

Areas on the roof that create a valley are prone to the build-up of debris. This debris is capable of denting and scraping your roofing, causing additional expenses down the road. To avoid this, clean out these valleys manually (at least once a year). This will also extend the longevity of your roof.

4. Clean the Gutters and Drains

Gutters and drains are more areas where debris can get built up. Cleaning up these areas will protect your roof similarly to cleaning the valleys of the roof by removing objects that can dent or scratch your roofing. After cleaning these areas, it is also a good idea to fix any leaks in your gutter or drains to make sure they are working as intended.

5. Repair Damaged Flashing Materials

Flashing is a protective part of roofing that controls water flow around areas that are susceptible to water damage. If flashing gets damaged or removed, leaks will surely follow. Checking on the state of your flashing and repairing/replacing any problematic spots is very important.

6. Trim Problematic Trees or Bushes

Large trees and bushes can grow branches that overhang onto your roof. When this happens, scratches and dents are a very likely result. It is best to take care of this problem in advance by simply trimming branches that can potentially grow and damage the roofing.

7. Repairing Minor Scratches on Metal Roof

If your metal roof relies on a coating to help protect itself, scratches on your roof can become an issue. Repairing minor scratches can be important for more than fixing cosmetic damage.

8. Inspect Abnormal Points on the Metal Roof

Most roofs have a variety of points that are vulnerable due to the structure of the roof. Things such as chimneys, vents, solar panels, air conditioners, and skylights. These areas need to be checked consistently, as things like sun damage can deteriorate these points over time.

9. Look for Signs of Corrosion

Some parts of the roof can be exposed to chemicals that might cause corrosion. Areas next to vents or other types of metals are vulnerable to this corrosion. It is best to check on these areas regularly to ensure no corrosion is taking place. 

Where Can I Find East Texas Metal Roofing Services Near Me?

Maintaining your roof is important to sustaining the health and safety of your home. If you have a metal roof and feel it is time for an inspection, you should contact us for a free metal roofing quote. We will be able to find any potential problems your roof may be experiencing, as well as give you advice on how to go forward. We are a highly rated roof contractor in east Texas and look forward to working with you for your roofing needs.

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Contact us for a free metal roofing quote. We’re locally owned/operated and have are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also have offices in Longview, Kilgore, and Lindale, TX.

Metal Roofing Repair in Tyler, TX - Brown Building With Silver Metal Roof

Tyler Metal Roofing Repair

A new of the most frequently asked questions we get from residents and business owners:

What can I use to repair a metal roof?

How to repair an old metal roof?

How do you repair a hole in a metal roof? 

Metal roofing is known for its longevity, energy efficiency, and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean metal roofs never need to be repaired. Here at Redline Roofing, we efficiently perform both residential & commercial metal roof repair, ensuring the longevity and durability of your home or business against harsh weather conditions.

Metal roofs are typically made from a variety of metals and alloys, the most common materials used for metal roofing include:

  • Steel: This is the most common material for metal roofing. It is durable and can be coated with zinc or a combination of zinc and aluminum to prevent corrosion.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It’s a popular choice for coastal areas where salt spray is a concern.
  • Copper: Known for its distinctive appearance and longevity, copper is an expensive but durable option. Over time, copper develops a greenish patina, giving it a unique aesthetic.
  • Zinc: Zinc is another metal used for roofing. It develops a protective layer over time, known as zinc patina, which helps resist corrosion.
  • Tin: While less common today, tin was historically used for roofing. Modern “tin roofs” are often made of steel or aluminum with a tin coating.

These metals can be shaped into various profiles and coated with finishes to enhance durability, appearance, and resistance to the elements. As metal roofing panels approach the end of their intended lifespan, the coating starts to wear down and becomes compromised.

Typically, metal roofing is either coated or galvanized at the manufacturing facility. Coatings can be made of materials like Galvalume finished steel panels, or a type of paint called Kynar 500, which is based on a substance called fluoropolymer.

Can a metal roof be recoated? Yes, metal roofs can be recoated for various reasons, but sometimes that may just be a temporary fix. 

All metal roofs expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This expansion allows the roofing seams to open, allowing moisture to permeate underneath the roofing panel, resulting in water damage and leaking. Applying repair compounds and re-coating products can effectively bring a metal roof back to a condition that closely resembles its original state. These products work by building upon the original surface of the roof, utilizing the initial substrate as a foundation for restoration.

Experience lasting protection and peace of mind – schedule your professional residential or commercial metal roof repair assessment today to safeguard your home or business against the elements and ensure durability for years to come.

Tyler Commercial Metal Roofing

Commercial metal roofing is renowned for its exceptional resilience, practicality, and adaptability. With its prolonged lifespan, low carbon footprint, and budget-friendly nature, commercial metal roofing stands out as a cost-efficient option compared to alternatives like asphalt shingles or tiles that require frequent upkeep and repair. 

Our commercial metal roofing systems also boast superior insulation attributes, contributing to reduced energy expenses within your building’s HVAC system in both summer and winter. In addition, most of the metal roofing materials have high recyclability rates; discarded metal or aged panels removed from your roof will find purpose in upcoming products, rather than being disposed of alongside other less earth-friendly waste.

Metal roofing systems, coupled with wall panels, present an attractive choice for the majority of commercial construction applications. These metal roofing materials offer unparalleled design adaptability, elevating the visual appeal of your structure. 

Crafted to meet your specifications, our commercial metal roofing applications offer flexibility in color, size, and material – ensuring your exact preferences are met!

If you’re looking to compare commercial metal roofing contractors near me, give the experts at Redline Roofing a call today. We’ll provide you with an accurate, competitive cost estimate and timeline of completion for your commercial metal roof job. 

Tyler Residential Metal Roof Near You

Looking for the best residential metal roofing contractors near you in Tyler, TX?

You found us! At Redline Roofing we install, maintain, and repair several different types of residential metal roofing systems, including R Panel, standing seam, and concealed fastener. 

Our team of professional metal roofers use the highest quality materials combined with detailed workmanship to deliver your roofing project on time and on budget. Whether you’re in the market for residential steel roofing or require the installation of a new metal roof installation, we have the solution for you. 

Our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship is unwavering, and our experienced technicians guarantee the precise installation and sealing of each metal panel, providing enduring protection against weather and the elements. 

Get in touch with our team today, we’ll have one of our Tyler metal roofing specialists schedule a site visit and provide you with an iron-clad estimate outlining everything you need to update & protect your home.

Tyler Metal Roofing Cost

Undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions we hear from residents and business owners is, “how much does a metal roof cost in Tyler, TX?”

The cost of a metal roof in East Texas can range anywhere from $6,000 to $30,000+, depending on a number of factors including size, material, and type of metal roofing system. 

For a standard standing seam metal roof covering a 1,500-square-foot area, the cost comes in at approximately $12,000. While prices exhibit significant fluctuations, they typically hinge on the material and dimensions involved.The answer really depends on the size of your home, and the condition of your current roof. The only way to get a completely accurate estimate of how much your metal roof will cost in Tyler, TX is to schedule a free estimate with one of our roofing specialists.

Metal Roofing Tyler, TX: Call Redline Today

As a premier metal roof company in East Texas, we excel in delivering extensive, affordable metal roofing solutions to businesses and homeowners in Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, Lindale, and beyond.  

Our team of expert metal roofing contractors undergoes rigorous training and boasts extensive experience in various roofing techniques, including the durable and energy-efficient metal roofing option so popular among business and homeowners alike. 

For nearly two decades, Redline Roofing in Tyler, TX has provided top-quality roofing and construction services to homeowners, property managers, and business owners throughout East Texas. We value each and every relationship we develop and we’re committed to delivering the highest levels of workmanship and customer service. 

Upgrade your home with durability and style! Contact the top-rated metal roofing companies near you for a consultation today and transform your roof into a masterpiece that lasts

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