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Signs of Wind Damage on Your Roof

Wind is a constant phenomenon in many places around the world, and Texas sees its fair share. While homes and buildings are designed to withstand the elements and things like wind to a fairly impressive level, damage can still occur.

Damage to a roof makes it so it cannot do its main job: protecting the interior and the humans inside from the elements. Other things like privacy and insulation are also at risk when a roof is damaged.

At our Tyler roofing company, Redline Roofing, we operate in Eastern Texas, so we understand what wind can do to a roof. Our team has been in the roofing business for a while, so we’ve put together a list of the major signs of wind damage on a roof. Our hope is that this list helps home and business owners stay aware so they can address issues quickly and timely before larger problems occur.

Major Signs of Wind Damage on Your Roof

Missing Shingles

Most wind damage to a roof occurs after a major storm. It’s a good recommendation for home and business owners to walk the perimeter of their property after a storm to assess potential damage. Shingles blown off and strewn across in a yard are a tell-tale sign that some damage occurred to the roof.

Missing shingles mean a portion or portions of a roof are unprotected, and immediate replacement is needed.

Loose or Visibly Compromised Shingles

In addition to finding shingles that have been actually torn off a roof during a storm, noticing loose shingles or seeing shingles still attached that are broken, curling, or askew are other signs of damage.

It is always recommended that home and business owners actually inspect the roof after a storm and look for shingle weaknesses or ripping that needs immediate attention. However, getting up on a roof and looking up close is dangerous and should only be undertaken by a professional.

Interior Leaks

Missing shingles and damaged shingles are both potential causes of leaks because an opening has been created on a roof that is not supposed to be there. Whether it is a wet spot, a water stain, or a small or large stream of water leaking down a wall or from a ceiling, leaks are signs of significant damage.

Leaks might also occur in the event of larger structural damage caused by wind by sign number four below.

Damaged Roof Flashing, Eaves, or Gutters

Shingles and roofing materials are not the only things at risk during high wind and storm situations. Roof flashing, the eaves of a roof, and additional attachments like gutters and drains are all subject to damage. These pieces of a roof are on the edges and off the sides and, as such, are not as protected by the overall structure.

High winds can rip off gutters and cause tree limbs and other debris to hit and land on a roof. This heavy debris can tear and dent parts of the roof that are weaker and cause openings for leakage and water damage.

Debris Landing on Your Roof

Storms with high winds blow around all sorts of damaging debris. When things like tree branches, tree limbs, and even items like garbage cans and lawn furniture hit and land on a roof, the damage from the impact can be significant.

Debris not only affects shingles and more at-risk areas of a roof as described above, but the impact and weight can also cause structural damage. Examples of areas that are subject to this severe structural damage can include areas such as chimneys and even roof beams.

If a home or business owner suspects larger structural damage has occurred, it is recommended to hire a professional inspector to assess the damage. In worst-case scenarios, an entire roof or section of a roof might need replacement, not just repair.

Hearing Flapping

Shingles that have been dislodged or have become detached in some way might not fully rip off or tear, but they will move. This movement causes a distant flapping sound that owners will be able to hear both inside and outside their house when wind flows across the damaged shingles.

While a shingle that is dislodged and flapping might not cause leaking, it is at risk of greater damage like tearing or falling off. A flapping shingle should be addressed and repaired or replaced quickly before it becomes a larger problem.

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